For four Sundays in September we celebrate The Season of Creation.

THE SEASON OF CREATION – 2017     Series A: The Spirit in Creation
September 1     Creation Day
September 3     1st Sunday in Creation –  Forest Sunday
September 10   2nd Sunday in Creation –  Land Sunday
September 17   3rd Sunday in Creation – Wilderness/Outback Sunday
September 24   4th Sunday in Creation – River Sunday
October 1         St Francis of Assisi Day – Blessings of the Animals

All liturgies are free to use in worship. Please use the following acknowledgement:
© Season of Creation, developed by Norm Habel and the Uniting Church in Australia, Synod of Victoria and Tasmania, 2004, seasonofcreation.com, used with permission.

New Resources available!
New Liturgy now available: Sacrament of the Eucalypt

Songs in support of the Eco Reformation in 2017

This year the Global Catholic Climate Movement and the Catholic Climate Covenant are promoting the Season of Creation. You can download the updated resource here.

Pastor David Eck has written a song “Works of your hands” which is based on Psalm 8 and has kindly offered it as part of this collection of resources. You are free to use it with the following copyright details: Copyright ©2014 by David Eck. Abiding Savior Lutheran Church, Fairview, NC. Used by permission.

Sermon materials!  In the new volume from Fortress Press entitled The Season of Creation: A Preaching Commentary there are excellent studies on the readings for Series A, The Spirit in Creation (pp. 70-123).

A range of video resources are now available from Eco Faith.

Excellent Worship Materials are also available in the Norman Habel’s new book, Rainbow of Mysteries – Meeting the Scared in Nature published by Woodlake Publishing, especially Appendix 2, Sacred Rites and Seven Site.

You can now download the Season of Creation resources as part of the Seasons of the Spirit material. Cost $50CAD. Watch the video here

Season of Creation – Year 1
Season of Creation – Year 2
Season of Creation – Year 3

New Website
A new website Let All Creation Praise has now been established in America under the leadership of David Rhoads.   David Rhoads is promoting The Season of Creation widely this year; his email address is drhoads@alts.edu  if you wish to make contact.

This website outlines and promotes The Season of Creation not only by exploring the various dimensions of this season, but also by providing additional resources and ideas for celebrating with Creation.

Especially interesting are materials outlining how The Season of Creation is celebrated in the U.S.A, Canada, Europe and South Africa.  In America The Season of Creation is also promoted through the website www.lutheransrestoringcreation.org

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A Blessing

 A Blessing May the Spirit surprise you like a dove from above, or a swallow from below, but now and then like a blue wren!