Humanity Sunday: Why did God make Whales?

Have you ever seen a whale?  What does a whale look like?  What does a whale do?  Who can show me what a whale does in the water? Show me!

What do you call what a whale does in the water?  Is it swimming?  Is it dancing?  Or is it like playing with someone?

A long long time ago when God was first creating everything God was a little bored. ‘It’s time I had some fun’, said God. I want someone to play with.  The birds are playing in the trees.  The mice are playing in the grass. The dolphins are playing in the water.  I’d like to play with someone.  So what do you think God did?

First he asked some kangaroos.  ‘Would you like to play with me?’ said God.  But the kangaroos got such a big fright they jumped away through the trees.

Then God asked some big hippos, but they just ignored God and lay sleeping in the mud.

Finally God asked some kookaburras.  “Would you like to play with me? said God. Do you know what the kookaburras did?  Yes, they laughed and laughed and laughed.

So God said, ‘That’s it!  I will have to create something special to will play with me.  That someone special needs to be big and wild and wonderful.  That animal must be as graceful as a dolphin in the water. And that animal has to be clever enough to play with me,  as clever as birds that travel right across the ocean when they migrate.

Do you know what God created?  A big big animal that lives in the sea.  Do you know which one?   Yes, a whale!  A monster whale!

God had so much fun playing with the whales in the water.  God would sweep down from the sky and the whale would flash its tail in the air to try and hit God.  Then God would rise up from the ocean deep below but the compass in the whale’s head would feel God coming and roll over and spin God around in the water.

God has so much fun when he first created whales.  He even gave the first whale a name, a big name:  Leviathan!  Say it!  Leviathan!

But then God became sad when human beings started killing whales, God’s very special creatures.  Very sad.

Whales are special friends for God and us.  We should not kill them.

And if you ever go to watch whales when they come up from the distant ocean close to your shore, watch them closely.  Wonder at how they swirl and swim and roll their bodies and flash their tails.

Yes, God made them that way for God to enjoy and for us to enjoy. So you should enjoy whales – the way God does.  They are special gifts.

            God made the whales!
            God made the whales!
            God made the whales to swim and play!
            So when you go watching the whales swim
            Watch for God who made the whales.
            (Melody: For all the saints)

PS.  This story is based on the text and tradition associated with Ps. 104.26