Mountain Sunday: The Mystery of Burp

(Using puppet called BURP; Burp is a shiny rock with red streaks, a big black mouth and bug round eyes.)

Hello!  Do you know what I am??   A rock   I’m a shiny rock with something special inside me.

Who can guess my name?  My name is BURP!  That’s a beautiful name don’t you think?  Would you like to give me a big hug???   Can you say:  I love you BURP?

I am not a very big rock.  But my mother was an enormous rock.  My mother was a mountain!  That’s right a very big mountain.

And do you know how God made me?    God made you in your mother, right?  God made me the same way.  Deep, deep down in my mountain mother! That’s right.

Then one day, deep down in my mother, God said ‘Go! Fly!’  And all of a sudden there was a big noise, a very big burp from deep down in the mountain and out I came:  BUUUUP BUUURP WOOOOSH!  Out I came.  That’s why they call me Burp.

Do you know what that big burp in the mountain, that mighty burp, really was???   That’s right.  A volcano!  I am a rock from that the volcano flung into the air with ashes flying everywhere.

I was really hot when I came out of my mother, out of the mountain.  Super hot! A hot rock called BURP!

Do you know why God made rocks like me??   Just for fun?

Just feel how hard I am.  Well, you see, all over Earth there are millions and millions of rocks like me. And we are here for two reasons.

First, we are here to hold Earth together.  We are like a shell.  Under all the trees and plants and dirt there are rocks just like me. We keep all the insides of Earth inside!

But more important, rocks like me are really good to eat!!  When I roll or when I get old or when I get hit by another rock, little bits of me drop off.   And do you know what they become?  Earth. Really good soil for plants to eat, plants like carrots.  And the carrot eats me.  And you eat the carrot.  And I give you that special rock food inside of me, called iron.

Yes, you eat me! You eat my iron to make you healthy.  So say, Thank You Burp!

Next time you burp, think of me.  And say, Thank you God for rocks like Burp!

(A baby carrot may be handed to each child to eat!)

Prayer:  Thank you God for rocks that make soil that make carrots for us to eat. Amen.