Planet Earth Sunday: How Does God Find You?

(This address is designed to accompany visuals on a screen or a computer screen.)

Do you know how God finds you when you pray to God?  Or when you are in trouble and call out to God?

What is your name?  Lily?  Finn?  How does God find you?

There are millions and millions of people all over the world.  And millions of them are calling on God to help them.  How does God find little you, Lily?  Or Finn?

And the world is so big.  Look at the picture on the screen.  Planet Earth is our home in the world.  Can you see it?  It is just a dot among all the stars in the sky.  Just a dot!

So when You call God, God first of all has to find the sun, then planet Earth that spins around the sun, then the country where you live on Earth, then your town, then your street and THEN little you! Wow!!!

Now there is something you can do on a computer nowadays—called Google Earth.  You type in your country, your town and eventually your street.  And what happens is that a camera way up in the sky zooms in to our street.  It gives a picture of your street.  Look.  I can zoom in to your street!!!!  Look at your street, Lily!

So God could have a camera that God uses to zero in on your house.  But the camera would not hear your words, your prayer.  Would it?

No! God has an even better way of zooming in to your head when you pray or call out to God. Do you know what it is?  Your Baptism name!

When you were baptised God put a mark on you with a cross.  Like this!  And God gave you a name, your Jesus name.  What’s your Jesus name all about? It really means, Lily you belong to me!  Finn you belong to me.  You are mine.  You have my mark on you, like a chip inside you.

So when you pray or call out to me, a signal reaches me from you. I know who you are.  I know where you are on the planet!!!  Lily wants me.  Finn wants me.  And no matter where I am in this huge world, I know just where you are.  And I can find you.

The world may be big and children may seem little.  But you are not little to me. Jesus loves you and you were baptised with a Jesus’ name.  So no matter where you are, you are important to me.  And I WILL find you.

Prayer: Thank you God for making Earth my home and finding me wherever I am on my planet home.

Children’s Addresses – Planet Earth Sunday: The Story of Baby Earth

(Spoken by Baby Earth. Baby Earth is a round puppet shaped like Earth with the continents in green on a blue background. She has two eyes and a mouth but no nose. Perhaps a couple of hands on the side to reach out and touch children.)

Hello! What’s your name? And yours? (Responses)

I am not going to tell you my name just yet. You will have to guess. O.K?

Now, a long, long time ago, I was just a piece of stardust, a hot rock floating around in space going no where.

Then I started to fall down, down, down through space. (The storyteller throws the puppet high into the air and catches it).

Then suddenly someone caught me!! Do you know who it was? (Responses) Come on, guess? (If someone says ‘God’ then respond with praise!)

That’s right. God! God caught me. And do you know what God said? God said ‘I like you. You are a beautiful baby planet. You are very good! What shall I call you?’

What do you think God called that baby? (Responses)

Baby Earth!

You can see it is Baby Earth. Look here in front is Australia and India. What other countries can you see? (Responses) Where is America? That’s right, on the backside!

And then God said, ‘I love you baby Earth. You are very special!’

Then all the stars in the sky started singing: ‘Happy Birthday, Baby Earth’.

Do you know what is so special about the way God created me? Well, God created me with two eyes to see and a mouth to talk. What is missing? (Responses)

That’s right. I do not have a nose like you do. So how do I breathe? (Responses)

Do you see all these green parts? Well, they are trees and plants. I breathe through the trees. The trees are my nose and my lungs!

So it is important to take care of the trees so that I can breathe, right? Don’t cut them all down or I won’t be able to breathe!

So will you love me, love Baby Earth? And take care of my trees? (Responses)

Sing my song with me to show you love me?

I’m a baby planet God called Earth.
All the shining stars sang songs at my birth.
God created me without a nose.
I breathe through trees from top to toes.