Outback/Wilderness Sunday

Ministering to Earth as a Church: Energy

The Earth Ministry Team may wish to consider doing an environmental audit for its church to find out the amount of gas, electricity, paper and water used by the congregation.

An energy audit can be carried out by monitoring gas and electricity meters and working out ways in which consumption can be reduced. The option of changing to solar power or some other green form of energy could also be considered. For many the immediate option may be to purchase green energy and renewable energy.

Perhaps the worst abuse of energy is the burning of fossil fuels when driving to church. Worshippers may wish to consider sharing cars or walking when weather permits.

Caring for Earth at Home: Energy

Families may also wish to conduct an energy audit in their homes to check the amount of gas and electricity used each month. Solar energy may be an alternative in some locations.

Networking for Earth: Energy

See also the Action Resource Kit: Energy in the package of resources for Social Justice Sunday: Sustaining Creation, 2002, available through the Uniting Church website http:///nat.uca.org.au/unitingjustice

Another option is to contact ICE (Interfaith Coalition on Energy) in the United States at 7217 Oak Road, Melrose Park, PA. Phone: (215) 632 1122  (215) 632 1122. This organisation has activities for youth and for congregations in relation to energy consumption.