Children’s Addresses

In planning activities associated with the four children’s addresses for the Season of Creation, some congregations may wish to consider creating a large image of Earth on a display board. This could be divided into four parts, corresponding to the four Sundays. Children could then paste or attach to this image items connected with the theme for a given Sunday of Creation. Alternatively, children could each have their own Earth image and attach items from week to week.

Storytellers are encouraged to use puppets that reflect the theme and facilitate interaction with the children. Drip, for example, is a puppet that proved popular on River Sunday, while Baby Earth was a hit on Planet Earth Sunday.

An excellent source for creating children’s addresses that connect with creation is You are the Earth (Allen and Unwin, 1999) by David Suzuki and Kathy Vanderlein.

The Green Anglicans, Anglican Church of Southern Africa Environmental Network have also produced this resource for children called Ryan the Rhino.

The children’s talks below are only guidelines. Storytellers should feel free to be as creative as they wish.

Series A
Forest Sunday
Land Sunday
Outback Sunday
River Sunday

Series B
Planet Earth Sunday and Baby Earth
Humanity Sunday
Sky Sunday
Mountain Sunday

Series C
Ocean Sunday
Fauna Sunday
Cosmos Sunday
Solar Sunday