Planet Earth Sunday

It may seem ambitious for a local congregation to look at ways of ministering to Earth as a planet. If we ask ourselves, how we take care of our home, we may find numerous ways of taking care of the planet as our home.

One way is ask how we keep our home safe.  What are the things that are likely to make our home vulnerable?

Changes in our atmosphere are making our planet less safe.  Earth ministry teams are urged to become familiar with deadly effects of increasing carbon dioxide, global warming and the hole in the ozone layer.

Locally that may mean finding ways as a congregation to switch to green fuels and forms of energy.  An easy way to do this is to purchase green power where it is available. The model of the congregation as an eco-congregation deserves consideration. An eco-congregation considers every activity of the church in terms of genuine eco-principles.

Another area of concern is the chemical pollution that not only occurs on the streets and in the factories, but also happens in the home.

Recent studies show that many human homes in our planet home, are a box of chemical cocktails that are poisoning, not only the air but also our children.

There is a new report of chemical pollution in the home, how the pollution happens, community action on the issue, and international developments that recognise children’s vulnerability to chemical pollution.

You are invited to consider the report by Jo Immig produced by the National Toxics Network and the Total Environment Centre.


Congregational Earth Care teams are urged to look at the models for Earth care provided by groups such as Catholic Earthcare whose booklet on Climate Change is especially appropriate.  This booklet lists a range of websites concerned with climate change.  See

For materials about an eco-congregation contact the Web of Creation at  or Earth Ministry at

An Australian model for congregations to consider can be downloaded from