Series B: The Word Series (2018)

The Word is a deep impulse summoning forth creation, evoking praise from creation and stirring life in creation. The Word series correlates with the Mark series of the church year.

  • September 1     Creation Day
  • September 6     1st Sunday in Creation – Planet Earth Sunday
  • September 13   2nd Sunday in Creation – Humanity Sunday
  • September 20   3rd Sunday in Creation – Sky Sunday
  • September 27   4th Sunday in Creation – Mountain Sunday
  • October 4         St Francis of Assisi Day – Blessing of the Animals

2 Responses to Series B: The Word Series (2018)

  1. Abigail Henre says:

    Could you please send me copies of these liturgies, I am a United Methodist Pastor,
    I would only use them with permission.

    Thank you!
    Abby Henre

  2. Abigail Henre says:

    Thank you so much for the copies. My new church loved this opportunity to connect our location in Puget Sound Washington with an understanding of our task to be good stewards of creation. Thank you so much for developing these materials.

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